Are the people at home driving you crazy? Are the people at work

driving you crazy? Are YOU driving you crazy?



Well let’s make that a reality…

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Consulting & Training

Customized workshops and retreats, including how to recognize, redefine and resolve workplace drama, the impact of emotional intelligence -EQ - on the workplace, and how followership effects the organization and the world at large.


Personal Coaching

Coaching is a forward looking and client-driven journey you take with a guide (the coach) who helps you create and live the life you dream of in every aspect and in every setting. Available for individuals, families, teams, and executives.

Our team

Jami Hudson, MA, CPC, GSD

Jami Hudson, MA, CPC, GSD


Dr. wendy M. edmonds

Wendy is a lecturer in the graduate program in the Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services at Bowie State University, and published author. With over 20 years of corporate experience in marketing and technology, she is also dedicated to serving in the community.  Her passion continues to expand in research and training and development, as she facilitates leadership training for organizations worldwide. Wendy holds a doctoral degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Her area of research is in organizational leadership where she concentrates on “followership” and the various perspectives of leader-follower relationships. 

Davitta Ealy, MS, CMP

Davitta Ealy, MS, CMP

jami hudson, Stop the Drama Mama

Jami Hudson, MA, CPC, GSD, has trained and coached hundreds of people on how to make their life more manageable, peaceful, and fulfilling at work and at home. A certified mediator and life/business coach for twenty years, she holds a Masters in Human Resource Development and is a sought after speaker and facilitator on myriad topics including Drama Free Workplaces, Leadership Development, How Adults Learn, Customer Service, Communication, Train-the-Trainers, and Career Development. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Christopher and loves spending time with her six grown children and their families.

Dr. Wendy M. Edmonds

Dr. Wendy M. Edmonds


Davitta ealy, MS, CMP

Davitta has served as the Program Manager for a Federal Government contractor since 2005, overseeing a yearly budget of $5M and developing conferences, trainings and events centered on mental health and substance use issues.  In addition, she is a founding member of Destiny’s Promise and has provided 15 years of mentorship and training to young girls and their mothers ages 9-25.   Davitta holds an M.S. degree in Organizational Leadership and is a Certified Meeting Professional through the Convention Industry Council, Washington, DC.  Davitta is pursuing her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership.



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