From Survivor to Thriver

SCENE 1: I’m a survivor of suicide loss, rape, and abuse, sometimes at my own hand. I’ve numbed myself with hurtful choices while trying to not implode but I do anyway. Trauma is like that. Now, I’m scraping by as a single mom of six kids, cringing inwardly because my kids need new underwear and money for a field trip. I’m tapped out in every way and looking for love, not quite “in all the wrong places” but it’s all wrong for me. I want someone to love me and help me and okay, maybe save me. I feel hopeless and and helpless even though I have mad ninja skills in many areas. Until I make a life changing decision.

SCENE 2: I decide to be the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. In every way. I give myself permission to envision it, design it and step into it. I take healthy risks on me, my business, and the future. I feel like I’m stepping out of the boat and being asked to walk on water, but I do the work and make a startlingly discovery…


SCENE 3: My story, once about surviving, is now about thriving. In love and relationships.  In health and wealth. In spirit, mind and body.

I know; I used to scratch my head and scream "How is that possible?!?" and “Why is it happening for everyone but me?!?” when people shared stories of transformation. But when I returned to myself, the upside down became right side up and I finally got it.

I'm telling you right now, there's a path that you are meant to follow and though you may not know how to find it, or where it leads, it is ready to reveal itself.  And I want to help you get past whatever is holding you back and get on with your life.

The Secret to Peace and Happiness When You’re Mad as Hell

The Secret to Peace and Happiness When You’re Mad as Hell

This secret works for any type of conflict and in every circumstance. It works whether you’re a student, parent, partner, spouse, employee, business owner, politician, or athlete. It works because conflict – from misunderstandings to war - is universal and inevitable.  I want to share a secret with you. A secret with transformative healing power that can change the pain of the past, the hurt of today, and the trajectory of your future. A secret so powerful that it literally turns chaos into calm and turmoil into peace.

Next steps

I always knew I had it in me.  Except when I forgot.   And for awhile, there was more forgetting than remembering. 

Life has a way of doing that to you.  Or maybe we do it to ourselves.  Working and going to school full time, single mom of 6, volunteering- so much to do that I forgot how to BE.  But one day I remembered.  

One day I gave myself permission.  

Permission to ask questions.  To dream.  To collaborate.  To be afraid.  To pay attention to what I love and to what I don't. To step out and take the next step.  

What was the next step?  I started with a coach.  Then I became one.  And "What," you may ask, "does a coach do exactly?"  I help you get back to basics, to get back to you.  I help you find the path again.  You know, the one you meant to take before you got so busy doing for others that you forgot about just being you!  I help you take the NEXT STEP.  

And so on this  day, I am holding space to breathe and create.  Holding space for others who also want to create the life they were put here for.  I’m holding space for each of us to wake up and remember who we are and what makes us happy. 

So let’s talk about the NEXT STEP you are secretly wishing to take, shall we?