Be the person you want to spend

the rest of your life with

At an especially low point in my life, I mean really low, I got a download from the universe and went from survivor - of abuse, trauma, suicide loss, depression - to thriver with a gift I call Life Design. This amazing process will blow your socks off and allow you to:

Love yourself enough to become the person you are meant to be

Envision - and I mean with ALL your senses - the life you long for

Clear away what is standing in the way

Lay the foundation for the work to come

Build a framework that makes room for every piece of you

Protect what you’ve designed

Foster the inward and outward vision you have for yourself and your place in this big, beautiful world

Create and honor your own boundaries and let go of co-dependent, toxic behavior

If you were going to build a dream house, you wouldn’t start with getting your furniture delivered. You’d start with a design and then follow a structured plan to build it before moving in and living your best life, so let’s talk!


#1 Schedule a free call.

Fill out the form below so we can get to know each other and talk about what’s working, what’s not and what you would do if you got out of your own way. It’s all about giving yourself permission to live a purposeful, passionate life that you deserve and the world needs!

#2A. Choose a coaching package that works for you.

Design package

We will get your creative juices flowing and help you design a BLUEPRINT for your dream life in six weeks through weekly calls, unlimited emails, homework, and a few surprises. Your blueprint will be a gem of a North Star guiding you every step of the way and that you come back to over and over again as you build a life you love.

Building Package

Design your blueprint as above - PLUS - build it out over six months of weekly sessions that will give you clarity, excitement, and direction. This phase is about clearing away what no longer works, laying a foundation to support your best self, framing it out to make room for everything you value, protecting your effort and vision, being able to look inward and outward to be of the best service to yourself and others, and setting healthy boundaries around what can come in and what cannot.


This year long program encompasses designing, building, and LIVING your dream life with purpose and passion. Weekly sessions, exciting challenges, and thoughtful prizes will engage and encourage you to inhabit and grow in this life you have so longed for and that you deserve.

Community package

Get some friends together for a design workshop - or any other topic of your choice! Be my co-planner for a free seat!

Can you imagine?

Making room for yourself. Finding your voice. Putting yourself back on your priority list. Honoring your own life and your dreams as much as you do others.

Give yourself permission to tell your story and reclaim your voice and power by reconnecting to the part of you that was left behind. You have right to be loved.  You deserve a voice. Your story needs to be told and I’d love to hear it.


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