Lisa Gritti


We presented Jami with an interesting challenge. Our staff was comprised of 30 women, representing ages 16-73, with diverse educational and life experiences. We anticipated five joining/leaving annually which required materials that could be used independently or with Jami’s coaching. Furthermore the staff needed to use ‘exact and specific’ terms while supporting clients to exhibit knowledge, avoid confusion, and instill confidence in our services. Jami rose to the challenge and exceeded our expectation. She created a complete training package. Our staff enjoyed the training sessions, couldn’t praise Jami highly enough for her sensitivity, and beamed when a clients provided positive feedback to management. Thank you Jami!

Lisa Gritti- Owner, Hooray For Me Corp.

Eugenia H.

Jami provided excellent tools for dealing with bullying. She is excellent at defining the problem and devising solutions for self protection. Jami is also a very strategic thinker with very emotional intelligence, providing appropriately empathetic encouragement while challenging me to identify my role and responsibility in the conflict. I would highly recommend her for life coaching or conflict resolution.

Dr. Bonnie

Omg! Jami Hudson is one of the most talented people I know! She knows how to help couples calm their worries and problems and help restore love and respect and take the relationship to the next level. I highly recommend working with her!


Do yourself a favor and spend time with Jami! She helps me get unstuck – "my head knows what to do, my heart wants to do it, but, my feet feel like they are trapped in cement, "I recently told her. Jami doesn't try to "fix" you – she listens and guides and helps you make The changes you need and when you feel off course she is there! Jami is compassionate enough to validate your feelings, but strong enough to push you to see that you either "need to stop talking about this or that; realize it isn't really a goal or do something about it! "We are all a work in progress but, with Jami's guidance I've been able to do that in many areas of my life – you will too!

KG - Pennsylvania

Jami is a wonderful, kind, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable woman. She's helped me with life's problems on numerous accounts and is LGBTQ+ friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who lives and breathes in this society.

Rachel R.

I am forever grateful for Jami's services as life coach. She walked with me through some very difficult times in my life. God used her to help me gain the right perspective and change how speak about myself and the situations I faced. Jami also walked me through a process to come up with plans and strategies for various situations and made herself available as I carried out those plans. Jami, I can't thank you enough for your expertise, compassion, and support!

Quanitta Battle