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Can you imagine: Making room for yourself. Finding your voice. Putting yourself back on your priority list.  Honoring your own life and your dreams as much as you do others.

Give yourself permission to tell your story and reclaim your voice and power by reconnecting to the part of you that was left behind. You have right to be loved.  You deserve a voice. Your story needs to be told and I’d love to hear it.

Drama free training

HOW WOULD YOUR PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL LIFE IMPROVE IF YOU COULD GET A HANDLE ON DRAMA? Individual coaching is available for people who want to ditch the drama and set things straight. Whether you are sick and tired of all the drama or you want to be the change you wish to see in the world, 3, 6, and year-long packages are available. FIND OUT MORE.

BASICS: Tell us your story and 1) get a handle on your drama, whether at home or at work, 2) understand the characters in the drama, 3) recast the roles, and 4) rewrite the script so that you are no longer at the mercy of this never-ending, forever-irritating, peace-sucking story. LET’S DO IT.

drama free workplace training

According to research, managers spend approximately 25-35% of their valuable time dealing with employee disputes. And everyone knows how stress at work can spill over into home, and vice versa.

How is drama playing out for you? Stressful days? Sleepless nights? Headaches, poor digestion, or other health problems? No work/life balance?

How about for your team? Is productivity down while absenteeism is up? What about turnover? Any sabotage or legal issues? Maybe your folks just aren’t getting along and it’s a drain on everyone.

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