The Secret to Peace and Happiness When You’re Mad as Hell

It’s no secret that many people are “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!” But what are the options? What do we do with conflict and can we handle it without being a doormat?

Good question.  And there are many good answers including mediation, investing in an online life coach, hiring a business coach or business consultant, investing in peer mediation training or family/couples coaching or mediation, all services I personally offer.

For today, however, you only need to keep reading for another two minutes to learn one secret that will give you hope and a way through the madness in short order.  I share this one secret because as a professional peacemaker, aka life coach and mediator, this one aspect of conflict management is crucial to a happy and healthy life.  In fact, I am so passionate about helping people understand, offer, and receive this one secret that I am offering you a bonus at the end of this blog to explore it FOR FREE.

This secret works for any type of conflict and in every circumstance. It works whether you’re a student, parent, partner, spouse, employee, business owner, politician, or athlete. It works because conflict – from misunderstandings to war - is universal and inevitable.  I want to share a secret with you. A secret with transformative healing power that can change the pain of the past, the hurt of today, and the trajectory of your future. A secret so powerful that it literally turns chaos into calm and turmoil into peace.

Before I share the secret to peace and happiness, I need to say: 1) This blog is not aimed at dealing abusive people or settings. 2) Make yourself a promise to keep reading no matter what comes next.

Ready?  Go! The secret to peace and happiness when dealing with conflict is…


“Wait! What????” you scream.  “Forgiveness?!? Are you kidding me??” you fume.  “If you KNEW what s/he/they did to me, you would NEVER ask that!” [NOTE: This is when you keep reading!]

So, how can I ask you to even consider forgiveness? It’s simple, if not easy.  

I ask you to consider forgiveness because conflict always involves another person and therefore, each person is:

  1. Experiencing discomfort.

  2. Feeling they were slighted first – the ol’ “you started it” syndrome.

  3. Afraid of losing something – money, power, respect, belonging, recognition, etc.

Take some time to analyze how these statements play out in the last conflict you had. Try to pinpoint the other person’s first moment of discomfort and how they may have felt slighted. Ask yourself what you were afraid of and how that fear propelled you in the conflict? What do you think your conflict partner was afraid of? How did that fear manifest? Start paying attention to these three truths as you experience or observe conflict and see how being open-minded and -hearted changes how you show up in your relationships.  Let the possibility of forgiveness sink into your bones and into your heart until it becomes a critical part of your own peace and happiness.


Forgiveness is just one way of being the change you wish to see in the world.  There are many, so you are invited to an EXTENDED FREE life coaching or executive coaching call for taking a chance on forgiveness.  Schedule your FREE call today!