Next steps

I always knew I had it in me.  Except when I forgot.   And for awhile, there was more forgetting than remembering. 

Life has a way of doing that to you.  Or maybe we do it to ourselves.  Working and going to school full time, single mom of 6, volunteering- so much to do that I forgot how to BE.  But one day I remembered.  

One day I gave myself permission.  

Permission to ask questions.  To dream.  To collaborate.  To be afraid.  To pay attention to what I love and to what I don't. To step out and take the next step.  

What was the next step?  I started with a coach.  Then I became one.  And "What," you may ask, "does a coach do exactly?"  I help you get back to basics, to get back to you.  I help you find the path again.  You know, the one you meant to take before you got so busy doing for others that you forgot about just being you!  I help you take the NEXT STEP.  

And so on this  day, I am holding space to breathe and create.  Holding space for others who also want to create the life they were put here for.  I’m holding space for each of us to wake up and remember who we are and what makes us happy. 

So let’s talk about the NEXT STEP you are secretly wishing to take, shall we?