The drama of conflict


In a galaxy far, far away - or maybe within your own team - seemingly regular people are wasting time and money on conflict and playing the role of villain, victim and hero in their own office drama.

According to research, managers spend approximately 25-35% of their valuable time dealing with employee disputes. And everyone knows how stress at work can spill over into home, and vice versa.

How is drama playing out for you? Stressful days? Sleepless nights? Headaches, poor digestion, or other health problems? No work/life balance?

How about for your team? Is productivity down while absenteeism is up? What about turnover? Any sabotage or legal issues? Maybe your folks just aren’t getting along and it’s a drain on everyone.

Now what if you could…

  • Determine the cost of conflict to your specific organization - it’s WAAAAY more than you think - and do something about it?

  • Learn the THREE ways - and only three ways - to resolve any conflict?

  • Prevent - or at least, reduce - conflict in the first place by implementing two simple rules?

To get pass the drama and get your team back to business,



Drama Free Workplaces is for you if:

  • Workplace drama eats up your time and energy

  • Drama is affects company morale & productivity

  • You’re curious about and want to quantify the cost of conflict to your organization

  • You need effective tools to handle the challenges of conflict in the workplace

  • You want to improve productivity, commitment and communication

  • You desire to learn and implement new ways of handling workplace conflict

  • You are willing to be the change you want to see in the world

Drama Free Workplaces graduates:

  • Enjoy work/life balance, less stress and better health

  • Reduce drama professionally and personally

  • Understand the characters in the drama triangle and recast and rewrite the stories surrounding it

  • Move into the circle of resolution by identifying and addressing conflict stories, motives and unmet needs

  • Step out with confidence to reduce drama and tension

  • Learn mediation techniques for individual, team and organizational drama

  • Increase commitment, productivity and satisfaction within their organization

  • Effectively handle issues before they become drama