Conflict is everywhere and unavoidable.


We spend countless hours trying to avoid it, contributing to it and creating it. Our relationship with conflict can restore us or sink us. We want things or, let’s be honest – people, to change but succumb to old patterns of dealing with the issue and the people even though "doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.”  

It’s also drama. A drama triangle, complete with victims, heroes and villains.

But what if you could recast the roles? What if you knew what was driving each character and could see beyond the script to the fears, unmet needs and create a way out of the drama triangle into the circle of resolution?

That's where I come in...



I'm Jami Vlachos, M.A.

I've trained hundreds of employees on how to recognize, redefine and resolve workplace drama. A certified mediator and life/business coach for twenty years, I am also a professor of Mediation in the Workplace, Adult Learning, and Career Development in the Human Resource Development masters program at Bowie State University.